1. Runnin

From the recording Life In The Maze

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Dreamed of being in a strange, distant land
Walking around with my head in a cloud
Opened my eyes much to my surprise
There’s no one else around
So I’m runnin…

Caught the gleam within your eyes
It shed a light on me deep inside
But you left me cold with hardly a word
And I’m going mad to find out why
Your love is runnin….

Can’t stop the motion
Can’t take my feet off the ground
Can’t find another way
I can’t seem to settle down
So I’m runnin….

You see it within these eyes
Won’t hear it from this tongue-I won’t make a sound
But I feel it build up inside
When there’s no on around I let it out

I hear the questions when they look at me
What’s it all about? This crazy life I lead
Movin’ around never hanging my hat
And taking the road far as the eye can see
‘Cause I’m runnin….

Strayed in, closed the door behind
Once opened it let you in
You turned around and walked back out the door
And once again I’ve got this struggle within
So I’m runnin’ and I’m runnin’ and I’m runnin’…
I'm runnin now
Feel me runnin
I'm runnin
I'm runnin now
You got me runnin
I'm runnin I'll never stop
Give me the green lights, give me one ways
Cause I feel that your love it's runnin, it's runnin away
I'm losing my mind
I'm way outa time, gotta get me cross the borderline
Cause I feel your love is runnin
It's runnin away