THE BAND (Formerly Laughing Jack)

Frankie "Cync" Cinquegrana             Lead vocal & “Things” 

Robin Ross                                          Keyboards, Guitar & “Things” 

Scott Cowan                                        Guitars, Vocals & “Things” 

Bill Snyder                                           Rhythm, Lead Guitars & Vocals 

Jim Gentlin                                           Lead Guitar 

Joe Torres                                            Bass 

Terry Rod                                             Drums 

Joe Granowski                                     Drums 

“Things” defined: A potpourri of instruments, percussion & sounds up “Jack’s Sleeve” 


Music by:                      Ross, Cinquegrana, Cowan, Snyder, Torres, Granowski 

Lyrics by:                      Cync 


Special Thanks To: 

Joe Sweeney 


In Memory and Dedication to: Jim Gentlin & Bill Snyder 


Cover Design:               Tina Ross (All rights reserved) 

Produced by:                 Frank Cinquegrana & Robin Ross 

Engineered by:              Robin Ross

Supervising Engineer:   Jonathan Duckett

All songs copyrighted & All rights reserved

How Jack's Maze all began:

Seizing an opportunity to sharpen his skills acquired as a recording engineer student, Robin Ross asked Frank Cinquegrana, a college student he had recently met, if he wanted to record one of his songs in Rob’s new mini-studio.  That was back in 1986 when Robin and Frank got together to lay some rough tracks for “Friend From The Heart”.  Since then, the two of them pondered the idea of forming an “originals” band. 

During his time in and out of college, Frank worked part-time in a cover band called “Initial Hit” with Scott Cowan, a friend from his hometown of West Windsor.  However, every chance they had, the two would venture from their cover scene to Robin’s home and studio in Hightstown, known as Triple “R” Studio. Between 1988 and 1991, the threesome experimented in the studio writing and recording songs.  It soon became obvious that the time had come to form a band to perform these songs. 

In the summer of 1991, Joe Torres joined the scene to fill the bass position.  His jazz-fusion style of playing proved to be a unique ingredient, adding texture to a melting pot of musical tastes that blended into a diverse yet hard-driving progressive rock band.  Originally from Hightstown, Joe moved to New York City.  In the city, he stayed sharp by playing with “LAX”, a fusion band, as well as with a rock band called “The Richards”.  Around the time that Torres joined the team, Cowan & Cinquegrana, or “Cync” were getting ready to call it quits to their 7-year draw with “Initial Hit” and start dedicating more time and effort into the new band, Laughing Jack.  

Giving up the drum seat after leaving the cover band, Cync moved out to lead vocals and be front man for the new band, accompanied by the melodic backing vocals of rhythmic guitarist, Cowan.  The permanent drum seat was given unanimously to a working fellow bandaholic, Joe Granowski.  Ross met Granowski when Joe was recoding with a band “Safety In Numbers” at the Triple “R” Studio.  Granowski’s views and interest in music generally paralleled those of the Laughing Jack group.  His technique, energy and eager attitude won him the position as drummer. 

After the drum chair had been filled, Laughing Jack found their lead guitarist.  Cync and Cowan knew a guy from high school by the name of Bill Snyder.  Occasionally, they would cross Bill’s path and chat about music and where each other musical interests were going.  Although hard rock and metal occupied a majority of Snyder’s time, he was looking for another outlet to extend his creativity and expand his versatility as a guitarist.  Cowan and Cync were already aware of Bill’s superior ability from hearing him play in the past.  When he related his new ideas and interest they were really sold.  

With a lead vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, Ross who in the past, played guitar, needed to do some last-minute changes and move to the keyboards to fill that need for the band.  It worked out incredibly well.  The harmonic balance created by his various synth programs makes a tremendous impact on the music of the band. 

So, there you have the Laughing Jack lineup.  An integration of various musical styles and influences that blend hard and progressive rock with mystic yet melodic overtones to come up with an impressive original and upgraded style of music. 

Laughing Jack later changed their name, to the now famous, Jack’s Maze.