1. Take It Away

From the recording Life In The Maze

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In the light and getting tuned
No attitudes here tonight
But I must tell you, don’t obstruct my view
‘Cause I want to check out the sights
It’s in the air, it colors every day
Always someone there to embrace
Who needs this manic depression ‘cause I’m sick of this tension
Tonight we’re gonna take it away – far away

Make these the best of times
Get out from the shade for a while

Busted flat and nowhere to turn
Just temporary anxiety
You build the flame and look for something to blame
You’re another menace to society
And all this energy, use it wisely
Let’s band together, start a big parade
No time to look down, too much going around
Tonight we’re gonna find our way…..

These are the best of times
If I see you play with that knife I’m gonna…..
Take it away
Take it away
Take it away

Don’t be frightened
Don’t get blinded
Are you ashamed?
And look to blame?
Then take it away
Take it away
Take it away…..